Moving/Deactivating your Home Download

             You can disable a Home Download licence so that you can then activate on another computer

            Follow the steps below to deactivate your licence:
            1. Sign in to the program using your Wordshark/Numbershark Administrator details (name and password)
            1. Select ‘Admin’ from the top menu bar
            1. On the dropdown option select Advanced features / Deactivate

            1. When prompted enter your Licence Key: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx to deactivate the licence

            If Automatic Deactivation Fails:

            Please note if automatic deactivation fails (as described above) then choose ‘proceed with manual deactivation’.
            1. On the next (deactivation) screen click on the link 
            2. If clicking the link does not take you to the deactivation website then copy and paste the url straight into a browser (on the same or different device).
            3. Your deactivation ID will be shown - click OK
            4. Once deactivation has been successful, you must RETURN to the deactivation screen and click OK to fully deactivate the licence.

            Full instructions for manual (offline) deactivation can be viewed here

            Updated: 15 Apr 2019 01:46 AM
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