Numbershark 5 Single Computer SCHOOL DOWNLOAD

            Installation requires "Admin Rights" to the computer - if you are installing the program onto a school computer you may need to contact your IT service who will have the correct permissions to do so.

            Numbershark needs Java to run; The program includes Java for Windows machines.  If installing onto a Mac. ensure you have the latest version from before proceeding with the Numbershark installation. 


             For PCs running Win 7, 8 or 10 

             For MACs running OS 10.9 -10.14

            • Click here to download the Mac file   (v. 5.007.03 198MB)
            • Mount the download disk image
            • Follow on-screen instructions to install
            • When installation is complete - locate the Numbershark 5 Download application in the Numbershark 5 Download folder, under Applications to launch the program


            You will be asked to enter your 16 character licence key (this will have been sent to you by email).  As soon as this is accepted, add a sticker (see suggested wording in green box below), then proceed with the creation of staff users.

            Adding Administrators (Technical & Educational):

            When you see the 'Enter name' box, type the name of the person who is likely to need to deactivate the licence in future e.g 'Technician' and proceed to become a Numbershark Administrator.

            Note: Program Administrators have universal control of the program/licence and can add and manage other Administrators and provide replacement passwords. 
            Immediately go to menu "Admin / Add and manage students and staff".  On the admin screen, top left, add one or more additional Administrators, normally school staff who will be responsible for manging the program and student users.
            Note: Administrators can create as many student accounts as they need: Video Tutorial on adding students 

            Using Numbershark 5:

            ​You can access the full program manual (pdf) as well as video tutorials under 'Help' in the Numbershark menu bar. The same information is available online: Using Numbershark.

            Deactivating a licence:

            If you will no longer be using the software on a computer, you can deactivate the software on the old computer and then activate it on the new computer. To deactivate:

            1. Sign in to Numbershark as an admin user  
            2. Go to the menu bar Admin / Advanced features / Deactivate 
            3. Enter your Licence Key when prompted

            Manage your licences:

            A record is kept of where your Numbershark licence/s have been installed, and how many are still available. 
            Go to: and sign in using your Licence Key.   

            We get several calls a week from IT technicians who cannot remember which computers Numbershark is installed on OR reimage/dispose of machines without first deactivating the Numbershark licence, thus losing the licence. 
            They then find they have 'insufficient licences' when installing on new machines.  This message occurs when all licences are showing as 'Activated'. 
            To avoid losing licences we recommend you affix a sticker to the computer(s) saying:

            “Numbershark activated! Deactivate before reimaging or disposal: Open program / Admin/Advanced/Deactivate” 


            You can download updates by signing on as a Numbershark administrator, and click the Help menu / Check for Updates


            Additional and replacement licences may be purchased - contact White Space or your supplier for a quote.

            Deactivation and reactivation is supported for 5 years from initial purchase date. 

            Updated: 21 Aug 2019 12:49 AM
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