Troubleshooting for SCHOOL Downloads

            1. If activation/deactivation fails: Instructions for manual activation or manual deactivation
            2. Check you are signed on as the computer administrator
            3. Check that the speakers or headphones are switched on and working (otherwise the program will not launch)
            4. Java: Mac OSX users: if you get a message (see below) "Unable to load Java Runtime Environment", this is caused where there is no, or an outdated version of Java on the computer. Wordshark/Numbershark needs Java to run; please download the latest release from ...then install it. You may then need to re-start your browser (close all browser windows and re-open.)
            5. No administrator option: if Wordshark/Numbershark has previously been installed on the computer, the option to become an administrator may not appear. Check for existing administrators under Users/List of administrators. 
            6. ​Password lost or not knownemail technical support (

            Updated: 30 Oct 2019 11:41 PM
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