Troubleshooting for HOME Downloads

            Problems with Step 1: Installing

            • Check you are signed on as the computer administrator
            • Check that the speakers or headphones are switched on and working (otherwise the program will not launch)
            • Mac OSX users: if you get a message (see below) "Unable to load Java Runtime Environment", this is caused where there is no, or an outdated version of Java on the computer. Wordshark/Numbershark need Java to run; please download the latest release from ...then install it. You may then need to re-start your browser (close all browser windows and re-open.)

             See related article: OS X Mojave 10.14 

            Problems with Step 2: Activation / deactivation has failed

            Problems with Step 3: No option to become a Wordshark/ Numbershark Administrator

            • If Wordshark/Numbershark has previously been installed on the computer, the option to become an administrator may not appear. Check for existing administrators under Users/List of administrators. 
            • If the password has been lost or is not known, please email technical support (

            Updated: 17 Jun 2019 10:45 PM
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