Numbershark 5 HOME Download

            For PCs running Win 7, 8 or 10

            (Please note the program will not run on Windows 10 in S Mode)

            Click here to download the PC file  (v. 5.007.03)

            1. Double-click the download file to run it
            2. Follow the on-screen instructions to install


            For MACs running OS 10.7 - 10.14

            Once downloaded you need to locate the files in your downloads folder and install onto the machine. For Mac this will open a drag and drop installation window         

            Click here to download the Mac file (v. 5.007.03)

            1. Mount the download disk image
            2. Follow on-screen instructions to install
            3. When installation is complete - locate the Numbershark 5 Download application in the Numbershark 5 Download folder, under Applications to launch the program

            Please Note: If you get the message "Unable to load Java Runtime Environment",  this is caused where there is no, or an outdated version of Java on the computer. Wordshark needs Java to run; please download the latest release from ...then install it. You may then need to then re-start your browser (close all browser windows and re-open.)

            You will be asked to enter your 16 character licence key. (You will have received this by email.)

            When you see the 'Enter name' box, type the name of the person 'in charge' of the program (i.e. NOT the student name/s). Click 'OK'. Next you will be asked if you wish to become a Numbershark Administrator, select 'Yes'. Make a note of the name and password you have entered!

            As a Numbershark Administrator you now have overall control of the program/licence and can create up to 2 Student accounts for your children. Video Tutorial on adding students or Setting up and managing users  (pdf). (scroll down to 'adding users'

            Using Numbershark 5: you can access the full program manual (pdf) as well as video tutorials under 'Help' in the Numbershark menu bar. The same information is available online: Using Numbershark.

            Moving your Numbershark 5 Licence:

            If you will no longer be using Numbershark 5 on a computer, you can deactivate the licence and then activate it on a different computer. To deactivate:

            1. Go to the menu bar Admin / Advanced features / Deactivate
            2. Sign in to Numbershark as a Numbershark administrator

            Keeping Numbershark 5 current:

            You can download updates by signing on as a Numbershark administrator, and clicking on the 'Help' menu, then 'Check for Updates'

            Updated: 08 Sep 2019 07:12 PM
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