Numbershark 5 HOME Download

             For PCs running Windows 7, 8 or 10  Note: Numbershark will not run in Windows 10 'S' Mode

            1. Click here to download the PC files (v5.007.03)
            2. Double-click on the downloaded files 
            3. Follow on-screen instructions to install the files. Note: you will be asked to enter your 16 character licence key (you will find this in your licence email)

             For MACs running OS 10.9 - 10.15 Note: minor issues with Mojave & Catalina

            Important!  'Unable to load Java Runtime Environment' You may see this message if 'Java' is not installed on your computer/not up to date. Numbershark needs 'Java' in order to run: 1) go to to download the latest release of Java 2) you may then need to re-start your browser (close all browser windows and re-open) 3) then install Numbershark

            Once the files are downloaded you need to locate them in your downloads folder and install them onto your computer. This will open a drag and drop installation window. 

              • Click here to download the Mac files (v.5.007.03)
              • Mount the download disk image
              • Follow the on-screen instructions to install. Note: you will be asked to enter your 16 character licence key (you will find this in your licence email)
              • When installation is complete - locate the Numbershark 5 Download application in the Numbershark 5 Download folder, under Applications to launch the program 

            Numbershark opening screen:
            (blue screen & fish swimming)
            1. In the 'Enter name' box, type the name of the person 'in charge' of the program (i.e. NOT the student name/s). Click 'OK'.
            2. Next you will be asked if you wish to become a Numbershark Administrator, select 'Yes'. Make a note of the name and password you have entered!
            3. As a Numbershark Administrator you now have overall control of the program/licence and can create up to 2 student accounts

            Using Numbershark 5: you can access the full program manual (pdf) as well as video tutorials under 'Help' in the Numbershark menu bar. The same information is available online: Using Numbershark.

            Moving your Numbershark 5 Licence:

            If you will no longer be using Numbershark 5 on a computer, you can deactivate the licence and then activate it on a different computer.

            Want to keep (i.e. move) your user data?...

            Don't want to keep (i.e. move) your user data?...

            1. Sign in to Numbershark as a Numbershark administrator

            2. Go to the menu bar Admin / Advanced features / Deactivate 

            3. To move the licence to the new computer, follow the instructions at the top of this page

            Keeping Numbershark 5 current:

            You can download updates by signing on as a Numbershark administrator, and clicking on the 'Help' menu, then 'Check for Updates'

            Updated: 07 Feb 2020 12:12 AM
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